VB has spent much of his career in talk radio in Boston, first as a sidekick on the Howie Carr Show (Carr laughed when VB told him he was writing a book about a murder in Central Mass, "who cares about Central Massachusetts?" he scowled), then as a host on VB's Pleasure Pit, and now as a morning host on WRKO.   

His first book 'Ack in Ashes' told the story of Nantucket's Great Fire of 1846. This time around VB wanted to tell the story of something that happened in the town he grew up in, Petersham, MA.  He had heard a vague story about a man from town who'd been given the death penalty back in the 1870s, but no one seemed to know much more about the case other than that.  Thus, 'A Frost In Hell'.  While his wife was pregnant with their 4th child, VB began to research the story.  (She "loved" that timing!)  A year later, and a healthy beautiful boy later, the book was completed.  

VB lives with his four wonderful kids and his very patient wife in Boxford, MA.